Tupperware On The Go

Universal Storage Jars - 325ml

First time on sale in these sizes.

325ml:  take your yoghurt, berries, muesli to work!

550ml:   With Universal Jar 550ml you can enjoy refreshing, delicious drinks at home or on the go. It is great for iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade, juice, lemonade and flavoured water. Use our Eco Straw, which fits perfectly in the hole for straws. Then you can take a sip knowing that you are quenching your thirst with recyclable products. Make a difference for the environment and reduce your consumption of disposable cups and straws. Ideal for transport with the liquid-tight lid and silicone stopper, you don't have to worry about spillage in your bag or backpack. You can take it anywhere - do not despair!

825ml: The Lid has an inner storage, so if you don't want your nuts, dried fruit etc to mix with your wet on the way to work or picnic, you can store in the lid until time to eat!

Tupperware at its best with our unique air and liquid tight lid (can't really say seal for this one!)

Easy to clean and best of all, you can clearly see what is in the jars.

Line them up - see picture which speaks for itself.

I have used a picture from Tupperware Nordic to show how well they display!