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E017 Smooth Chopper NEW GENERATION

This range has been upgraded - and has a new and improved hand-pulled SuperSonic (TM) Chopper. Specially engineered blades sharpened to perfection.

Like the Herb chopper - just 15 seconds of the pull cord ! very versatile.

For chefs or bakers alike!  Make your own healthy drink, different types of healthy sauces, creams or custards within few just few minutes with T.S. Smooth Chopper.

The T.S. Smooth Chopper with a pull mechanism is ideal for preparing smoothies and mayonnaise quickly and easily as well as baby food and more liquid preparations such as sauces, creams or custards.

Use it with:
- the blades alone for making smoothies, guacamole, compote or mashed baby food
- the whisk alone to prepare mayonnaise without eggs, chocolate mousse, ganache
- with blades and whisk one after each other for chopping and smoothing when preparing tarama, humous, sauces with herbs

Dimension: Ø 10.8 x 15.3 cm high (with cover)
Capacity: 730ml with max filling line at 400ml