Tupperware On The Go

L053 Crystalwave Divided Bowl 3 Sections Aqua - new colour

  • Microwave-reheatable container provides perfect storage and fast reheating for leftovers and previously cooked foods. Use at 600W
  • Divided container with three sections keeps food neatly separated.
  • Footed base allows air to circulate under container, ensuring faster and even heating in the microwave.
  • Stay-cool handles make it possible to transport from microwave to table with ease.
  • Virtually airtight and liquid-tight seal has large tab for easy removal.
  • Vent cap allows steam to escape when reheating, preventing messy splatters in the microwave
  • Dimensions - 29.5 x 6.5cm - capacity 2x400l & 600ml
  • Weight: 375g