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L050 MicroGourmet - see video!

The  MicroGourmet is a innovative unique product that allows steam cooking in the microwave oven in an easy, fast and healthy way.
Steams from fresh, frozen or to reheat
 Suitable for serving on the table (on the water tray or reversed cover)
 Keeps food warm – keep the hot water in the Water Tray to keep food warm until serving. Or pour out the warm water if you wish to stop the cooking process (advisable for green vegetables) – food will still be kept warm up to 30min.
 Can stack two different types of food or prepare one whole meal thanks to the optional Colander Tray
 Creates subtle flavor by adding some spices, herbs, low fat stock or a bit of wine to the water in the Water Tray.
 Is very space saving compared to electric steamers – no plug to worry about – on the countertop or in the cupboard.
How does it work..
 The Steamer Base and the Cover have an inner shield not permeable to microwaves, so the microwaves bounce back to be directed to the water in the Water Tray.
 The water in the Water Tray turns to steam which goes through the bottom of the Steamer Base.
 The steam then cooks the food placed in the Steamer Base and the optional Colander Tray.
 Always place the Colander Tray on the Steamer Base. Never use it without Steamer Base directly on the Water Tray.

Ramekins priced separately to MicroGourmet

Dimensions: 26,3cm x 13,7cm high