Tupperware On The Go

L05 MicroCook 2.25L

The microcook products are invisible so to speak to the microwaves, therefore the dish itself does not heat up.  The lid  and grips stay cool and is so much easier than reaching for the gloves and pyrex!  This is due to the Ultrason material that it is made from.

This product can be put into the freezer, to the microwave for reheating or for cooking to the dishwasher.... Temperature Range:  -25degC to 200degC in the microwave...up to 750W

Cooks salmon (2 minutes), chicken, vegetables in super quick time - saves the busy working Mom or Dad loads of time! And then there is the baking!

Dimensions: 22 x 18.5 x 13.45cm with cover or 12.06cm with lid - seal and pop into the fridge!

Weight:  430g -  The video below also shows the double casserole dish which we do not have.