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Jel Ring 1.7 L Aquamarine

Another stayer!  The classic Jel Ring 1.7L perfect for desserts or savouries such as rice salads, terrines, jelly for kids parties - stick some tinned fruit to set in the jelly - the kids love it!   Slightly bigger than the 1.5 L.

Can be used with or without the ring-shaped insert which creates the lovely designs.

With two seals on this unique fluted ring mould, the moulded jelly turns out perfectly every time. The jel-ring is liquid tight with the classic round seal on the mould.

This ring mould is unique. Once inverted onto the serving plate, very gently remove the inner seal, air is released and the jelly will drop onto the plate perfect in shape and detail. Useful hint – moisten the serving plate so the jelly can slide to the centre easily, if necessary.