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*Individual Microwave Rice Cooker 550ml

This 550ml microwave rice cooker comes with a clip on lid!  Easy to tip upside down to drain...

Saves time while making less of a mess, too!  My kind of cooking! Cook and serve perfect rice of almost any kind every time for one person or two. Just fill, cover, lock and microwave to cook. The double cover channels moisture inside to keep your microwave clean. 2½ cup/550 mL.  Cooks vegetables as well. Use it at max 800W, not full power.

It is only for white rice that cooks in 8-12 mins.  For cooking sushi rice, jasmine rice, brown, red or wild rice, or bulghur, you need the regular sized Rice Cooker.

Dimensions:  14.4cm x 11.2 cm high

Weight:  225g

Please view the video!  It is in French.. use warm water with the rice... otherwise pretty easy to follow!