Tupperware On The Go

E067 Ez Mix 'n Stor 1.25L - Blue available only while stock lasts

 The sister to the 2L Mix 'n Stor!

 The new design allows for the Cooks Maid (each piece) to fit in the opening at the top to either grate the zest from fruit, egg separator and citrus squeezer... no mess no fuss!  New non slip base to stop from sliding around!

I brought the older version with me when relocating to UK 15 years ago and use it every week. What a stayer!  It has dry measures on one side, and liquid measures on the other. The handle is an absolute fantastic feature.  With a wide lip for pouring you never mess, wide for mixing and comes with a seal for storing in the fridge.  The lid doubles as a splatter-guard for messy cooks.


 See video: