Tupperware On The Go


This range has been upgraded - and has a new and improved hand-pulled SuperSonic (TM) Chopper. Specially engineered blades sharpened to perfection.

Non-electric versatile chopper and mixer is a quick, eco and quiet alternative to the electric food processor!

This fantastic new Time Savers solution chops and blends various types of food in no time.
Thanks to the curved blades and the speed of the cord mechanism, it chops food very fast and into tiny pieces with minimal effort.
With the specially designed whisk, it becomes very easy to prepare dressings, mousse or different types of sauces. Funel allows you to gently add liquids during the preparation process.

On top of that, you can use the Speedy Chef cover (E20) which offers a complete whipping and whisking solution!

Assembled product with cover:Ø 15.60 x 19.50 cm high
Capacity: 1.35L with graduations up to 1.2L

Funnel: 8.4 (L) x 8.4 (w) x 6.3 (h) cm high  
Capacity: 50ml with measurements at 15ml, 30ml and 50ml