Tupperware On The Go

Aloha Bowl Set - purchase individually

Prepare for spring with lovely colours - complete set fits one inside in the other which is great for storage - Tupperware never lets you down.

Buy all 5 at a reduced rate; or individually as you wish.

1. Aloha Bowl 450 mL Papaya.  Dim W 17,53 cm x H 5,15 cm H61

2. Aloha Bowl 1 L Watermelon. Dim W 21,15 cm x H 7,25 cm H62

3. Aloha Bowl 2 L Rubine Red. Dim W 24,87 cm x H 9,82 cm  H63

4. Aloha Bowl 4 L Radish. Dim. W 29.48cm x H 12,78 cm H64

5. Aloha Bowl 7.5 L Rhubarb. Dim W 34,46 cm x H 16,36 mm H65

6. Aloha Bowl 12 L Rhubarb. Dim. W 34,46 cm x H 16,36 mm