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D052 Cool Cubes Ice Tray Berry

This is the best ice tray I have ever had. Perfect, clear sharp ice for those Pimms and whatever takes your fancy!  The seal clips on to stop spillage and there is a 'submarine' hatch which enables you to fill up with no mess.  Then close the small seal and pop into your freezer.

The great feature of the Cool Cubes is that it is fast-freezing and designed to maximise air circulation in the freezer. Take tray out of freezer 1 - 2 minutes before needed twist the base slightly and the ice will pop out or for individual ice cubes  use the innovative silicone pushers in the bottom of each section.

For a glass of refreshing water - add some springs of mint to the water before freezing.

Dimension:  29.1 x 11 x 4.4 cm