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C021 Ventsmart 1.8L Medium Low

If you really want to save money over time, then this is the answer to your prayers.  Tired of throwing vegetables into the bin that you thought you would use and never did?  Please see the rest of the range for larger sizes to accommodate different sizes of vegetables... you will use once and never look back........

The following features are unique:

- Domed base which catches moisture so that the moisture does not lie on the vegetables - drain periodically

- Has a 3 valve system which helps regulate the atmosphere by balancing the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide:

   + The slide control has an indicator for closed - means air-tight

   + Half Open - means semi air-tight (for leafy veg and salads)

   + Open - is for the 'heavy breathers' such as broccoli and brussel sprouts 

- Has an integrated chart embedded in the container which will never wash off - so don't panic - help is always at hand for you to remember which 'breathers' are which!

Dimensions:  28.5 x 19 x 7cm high

Weight:  375g

Please see the video below for a better understanding of how they work.


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