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L091 Ultra Pro Lasagne Dish 3.3L - Great Size

From Freezer to Oven -

Temperature:  -25 deg C to 250 deg C;  or -13F to 425F

Rounded seal and casserole design makes cooking more even, in ovens and microwaves. Heat is spread evenly inside the container.  Good heat retention 'an oven inside an oven'

Automatic steam control - the handles and seal have been designed to eject excess steam or to retain humidity inside the container to avoid soaking or drying out the foods.

Bake your cake, let cool - ice and decorate, pop cover on and put straight into fridge.  When guests arrive, pop on the table, cut and serve!

Bake in the cover as well!!  2-in-1...

Weight: 480g   Dimensions:  Base:  36.3cm x 26.6cm x 7.4cm H, Lid: 36.3cm x 26.6cm x 3.9cm H

See video below:



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Eco Bottle - Water for the Heatwave

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