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G002 Potatosmart / G003 Onion / G005 Garlic Keepers / Chop Collector

 Veg Out 5.5L and 8.3L are healthy and hygienic way to store root vegetables outside of the refrigerator, such as potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, turnips, ginger and garlic. Designed for secure ventilated storage, Veg Out Small also keeps creepy crawlies and pets out of the food while giving the produce air to breathe.

Veg Out containers consist of a Seal cover with multiple holes to allow air to circulate in the container.  This minimises condensation and odour build up and extending the life of the contents.  I have recently thrown away two packets of potatoes in my cupboard as one has gone off and boy!  I don't want that again.

The 5.5L container is open in the front with multiple holes on the top 

The 8.3L container has a closing lid with smaller multiple holes.

Chop Collector - hang over your kitchen cupboard whilst peeling and keep in a corner. Easy grip handle too - slide the lid into it whilst peeling.

Perfect for storing potatoes, onions, sweet potatoes, turnips, ginger and garlic, ie most tubular vegetables...

5.5L  410g  27.2 Depth  x 18.3 Breadth  x 18.7 Height cm (onion keeper)  

8.3L 695g  28.5  Depth x 19 Breadth x 23 Height cm (potato keeper) holds 5kg potatoes

Please see our sister Country Malaysia on how to seal the lids. Colour not available in UK.