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Tupperware UK Microwave Reheating

All of the products in this range are made with specially designed materials to cope with the Microwave at various settings.  Follow instructions carefully, or ask me your Tupperware UK Consultant for advice at any stage if unsure about the microwave as you will be safeguarding your guarantee by getting it right.


Hi, I'm Tracie; look no further for your UK Tupperware lady, buy online QUALITY kitchen accessories or contact me directly.



Micro Pro Grill

Micro Pro Grill = Grill + Bake + Roast + Stew + Toast !

New Catalogue 2019 has arrived!

The new 2019 Catalogue is here - great new colour for the Allegra range - sophistication itself!

Eco Bottles - new 2L colour!

Don't forget your water - a 2L for filling and leaving on your desk or in the car or wherever!


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