Tupperware On The Go

L081 Micro Urban 3 Litre

Three dishes in one! Create an entire meal in minutes - .a super Kitchen Hero as Tupperware says...

Micro Urban = Pasta Maker + Rice Maker + Steamer 

Spend less time preparing meals and more time enjoying them. With Micro Urban, you can cook your favorite pasta, rice, grains, steamed veggie dishes and more. And because it’s stackable, you can use it to create a whole meal right in one pot.

Then, when you’re done cooking, just put it all in the dishwasher. And stack it all back together for tidy, compact storage. Proof that really big ideas can come in small packages.

Now who’s shining brighter than you?

 400 ml: 11.7 x 16.3 x 8 cm H