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Aloha Mugs x2 350mls - Rhubarb

The colourful and durable Aloha Mug is suitable for both hot and cold drinks. The mug is ideal for everyday use and for spring and summer picnics, camping, dinner parties and children's parties.

The ergonomic handle is designed so that it is easy and comfortable to grab, hold and drink from, and you avoid touching the side of the mug when serving and drinking hot drinks.

The mugs are stackable, saving space in the cupboard, caravan or picnic basket. The mugs are so light that you hardly notice them in your picnic basket.

Liquid-tight lids so you can protect your cold drinks from insects. The lids are not suitable for use with hot drinks, as the pressure from the steam can push the lid off.

Cheers for sustainable sips!
The Aloha Mug is a beautiful, environmentally friendly alternative to disposable mugs. The durable material is almost unbreakable and does not break like glass or ceramic. It is recyclable and can be used again and again on picnics, camping, hiking, etc.


  • Make a difference for the environment! Bring your Aloha mug to the coffee shop and reduce your consumption of disposable mugs and cups.
  • You can also serve a cup of nice hot soup or stew in the Aloha Mug.
  • A perfect host gift. Fill the mug with chocolate, tea bags, cookies or other delicacies!

The Aloha Mug adds a breath of fresh air to any table. It fits in with the other products in the Aloha series.

The mug can withstand up to 85 ° C.

The set consists of 2 mugs.

Capacity: 350mls 

D: 9.5 cm H: 9 cm