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Collapsible Cake Taker - Low and High in one! Merlot Base

Lovely warm colour for Christmas.  What a beaut - the one stop shop of cake carriers.  Twist and turn for low, twist and turn again for high!

Dimensions: 30cm x 13.5 cm as a Low Cake Carrier and;

30cm x 20 cm as a High Cake Carrier once you 'twist and turn'!

Weight: 900g

Please have a look at the video:


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New Catalogue Launch

I'm off to Dublin tomorrow 24 February for the new Spring/Summer catalogue... watch this space all!

Sustainable Tupperware!

Sustainability! Can't beat Tupperware for that - Iceland is the first supermarket to declare a war on throw away plastic.  Check out the FREEZER RANGE and ECO Bottle Range and...


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