Tupperware On The Go

* Specials : April 2014

Every 2 months there will be new Special Offers/Limited Releases - so best check this page first each time!  The current special offers include:

  • Crystalwave Reheatable Set Round - 400ml, 600ml and 800ml
  • Favourites in a different sizes for Cake Carriers - a choice for all tastes!
  • Plus - everyone loves a discount!

Purchase online or call/email me personally - browse the Menu on the right through all my Tupperware items!  Any questions - contract details as follows:   tupperwarewestlondon@gmail.com or alternatively call me on 07846 888 126 / 01932 770184 and leave a message if I'm not there.



Hi, I'm Tracie and I'm delighted to announce that as your local, or maybe not so local, UK Tupperware lady, you will never be far from buying your favourite brand of QUALITY kitchen accessories.



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